While most blogs are in existent because their owners want to advocate a certain cause, or earn extra income perhaps, or even to simply bring traffic to another site they own; this blog strives to do none of the three. Like what one friend said, this blog is an ‘online’ version of my diary for all the world to see, read, scrutinize and piss at. 


This blog does not aim to advocate a ‘humanitarian’ cause but rather seeks to tell a story of one ‘human’. I share my mundane days, my ranting, my joys and my dreams in hopes that somewhere out there (like the song) someone will realize that he / she is not alone in whatever it is that he / she may be feeling or going through. 


They say that technology should bring people together. Well, here is my contribution. I write of my life (no matter how insignificant the details may seem to some) because I want to build a connection with random people who may be just like me– a person who simply wants to share her story, perhaps, add her book to the massive library of this world. 


If you key in blog in Google, you get so many hits that the numbers drive you mad. But, speaking for myself, of all the free blogs out there, WordPress is by far the best.

Not only do you get a varied selection of themes for your blog, you can also see your stats. (By that I mean, you see which site sent you traffic and how many views you got for the day / week / month… plus you also get to see what keywords a person may have used to get to your blog.

For a person who is simply trying to share her story, such as myself, this is very useful in trying to get an idea on how to better reach your audience (and if your blog is for income or advocacy, this is very useful). WordPress is also very easy to use and there is a lot one can already do without upgrading to a premium account.

And yeah, I forgot to mention, Widgets… you get to choose from a lot too. With WordPress, customization to make your blog reflect your thoughts is no problem at all.


Massive library..


Top 10 Blogging Platforms

Here is my submission to this library.

My name is Summer. Nice to have had shared thoughts with you.

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